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The Boldness of Graphite

Our Graphite door is a gray transitional Shaker door. It is part of our Choice Select® line. Graphite is a bold yet everlasting door style that heightens most color palettes. Graphite is a full overlay door with a recessed, wood veneered MDF center panel. The inner profile is soft-layered and decorative.

The full overlay style and styled inner profile carry over to the door and drawer. Graphite’s solid hardwood frame and plywood cabinet box offer beauty and dependability. The panels used for the cabinet box are a 1/2” furniture-grade plywood with wood veneered interior. As part of the Choice Select® line, the soft close hinges and glides come standard.

  • Full overlay door style
  • Solid wood mortis and tenon stile and rail
  • 5-Piece drawer front
  • Veneered MDF center panel
  • Stained gray finish
  • For more specifications, check out our “Quality of Constructions” page!

Graphite Design Ideas

Graphite’s gray stain is the perfect accent for color. Mix the gray with purples and yellows for a fresh take. Muted reds, blues, and whites create a warm and inviting space. Because of the darkness of the gray stain, bold and earth tone colors might be too dark.

Partner Graphite with our other Choice Select® door, Fremont. Go for the dynamic and innovative when you mix and match. Graphite is ideal for a large space, but also works in a bar-type setting. Consider creating a Graphite wet bar for your focal piece.

Exceptional Prices. Service Guaranteed. Outstanding Quality!


At Choice Cabinet, we pride ourselves in providing you with products that range from concept to completion. We believe that a cabinet is more than just storage space in your home — it can also be an elegant addition to your home’s aesthetic.

When using your cabinets, the first thing you’ll aim for is the decorative hardware. And then they are properly equipped and maintained, your front door can project a sense of comfort and security that you’ll love.

We offer a wide variety of knobs pulls and handles. Each one is built with precision, attention to detail, and designed to fit everything from the smallest drawer to the largest cabinet. You can check them out below.

Square Knob

Spherical Knob

Diecast Knob

Round Flat Top Knob​

Cup Pull

6″ Bar Pull​

10″ Bar Pull​

6″ Deco Pull​

4″ Deco Pull​

4″ Square Edge Pull​

6″ Square Edge Pull​

2″ Bar Pull​

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